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Ashley & I love to travel and experience new places & cultures. A major part of that is trying delicious food from all over the world! In fact, I would be happy to eat my way through most of my vacations, hah.

We love trying new things and exchanging those experiences with others. For example, I was just telling some new friends about the sweet potato lattes in Seoul, South Korea. They were one of the many tasty things from my trip that I couldn’t get enough of, and can’t find at home, which actually makes it a little more special to me. (PS – while writing this blog I just saw that Starbucks recently released a Violet Roasted Sweet Potato Latte in Korea, whaaaaa? Starbucks, if you’re reading this (HAH!) please bring this to the States! Ok, Ok, I digress. The point is, we love food & sharing our favorites with others.

When we are home, here in Florida, we love to cook and bring the flavors of our travels back with us. So we started creating some of our own recipes inspired by our trips & the tasty foods we crave. We are calling this eclectic collection of recipes: “World to Feast” by World to Wander.

World to Feast - Spring Rolls
World to Feast – Eclectic Recipes by World to Wander

Some of the recipes are more traditional, while others serve up a new twist on a classic. We might even throw in something completely new that we dreamt up in the kitchen, like Lavender Sticky Rice, or Spiked Hawaiian Li Hing Mui Lemonade for your next Backyard Luau or Summer BBQ. (stay tuned, these are coming up!)

We will be releasing new World to Feast recipes each month on our website, & offering the recipe downloads for free for a limited time. To get your free recipes, CLICK HERE to Subscribe & Download the first recipe: Mango Sticky Rice. Perfect for this time of year if you live in Miami – it’s Mango season, and my tree is full! And as a thank you to our subscribers, we will email you the new recipes each month!

Drizzling sweet coconut milk over a bowl of Sticky Rice with Fresh Mango Slices.
Learn how to make this delicious sticky rice with fresh mango.

We really hope you will enjoy trying these recipes as much as we are making them! (someone has to eat the finished product after all). Comment below and tell us some of your favorite foods from your travels, we are always looking for new things to dazzle our taste buds!

Happy Travels & Bon Appetit!


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