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About ashley


Just a girl traveling the world with a camera


My love for photography and travel have mixed together to form an addiction to see the world. It started with a cruise in the Caribbean, a trip to Hawaii and then to Europe when I lost my job.


There is something about meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and forming a relationship with the area that makes my heart happy.


My experiences with travel are an open book to anyone. If you want to know anything, feel free to reach out to me or take a look at my blog for written details on my travels.


Happy Travels!

Get to know The traveler

My dream super power:


My favorite destination:

ⓐ Bali

ⓑ Croatia

◉ Italy

My favorite food:


I tend to read this many books on trips:

ⓐ 1-2

ⓑ 5-7


I get asked most about my trip to:

ⓐ New Zealand

◉ Peru

ⓒ Egypt

My all-time favorite movie:

Dirty Dancing

One day I want to:

ⓐLive in Italy

ⓑTravel 1 year around the world

◉All of the above

I absolutely hate:

BBQ & Mushy Veggies

My favorite band:


My dream vacation:

◉ Somewhere tropical

ⓑ Cityscape & skylines

ⓒ Deep in the mountains

My favorite accent:

Photography & filmsChris ⤫ Cross