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Travel Resources

I have several travel resources and links that I use when I am planning and booking my travel. Use my travel guides to decide on an itinerary and use the resources below to book travel.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, at no cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. However, please be assured I use these sites and otherwise would not recommend them if they were not the best.

Flight Search

Skyscanner is the number one travel search engine that I use. It’s great to use and shows the most inexpensive flights across all travel partners. Click the image below to gain access to Skyscanner for a free flight comparison.

Cheap O Air is another travel search engine I use if I am open to multiple carriers and possibly want to include an extra layover or stop along our flight.

Accommodation Search

AirBnB is an alternative to a hotel room. AirBnB allows you to search hosts that have offered their home or space to rent for your travel. You have the option to search by location and see reviews that others have left after their stays. is what I use to search for the best Hotel deals across the globe. What’s great is that they offer discounted deals and also earn free nights for every 10 nights. Check out the link below to see the best hotel deals.

Travel Information Search

TripAdvisor is a site I use often to research my destinations, view forums pertaining to certain questions, etc. Use the forums to ask new questions that may not have been asked recently and receive real time feedback.


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