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Things to do in Kanab Utah

If you are going to visit Kanab UT, take a look at one of the best day trip companies for nearby Kanab slot canyon and hiking near Kanab. You’ll find locations to stay, where to eat and nearby airports. What is there to do in Kanab UT? Hikes near Kanab UT There are many beautiful...

Things to do in Park City Utah

Utah is one of those places that is beautiful to see year round. If you’re planning to visit Park City, get ready for loads of activities in Park City. Whether you’re staying for one weekend or for the week, you’ll find fun things to do in Park City. Check out our guide if you need...

How to get from Salt Lake City to Park City

Transportation from Salt Lake City airport to Park City is easy to find but necessary to book ahead of time if planning a trip from Salt Lake to Park City. Transportation from SLC to Park City options include Uber/ ride share, car rental, or shuttle. The distance from Salt Lake City to Park City is...

RV Essentials for your first RV Camping Trip

Our West Coast RV rental from Cruise America RV started a new dream for us Florida travelers. We know without a doubt, we want to continue RV rentals in the US or purchase an RV. If it’s your first time renting RV for road trip, we have some suggestions as to what to bring when...

Snowmobiling in Park City, Utah

It was my first time ever on a snowmobile while in Park City this past Winter. It’s always something I’ve wanted to try while on my snow vacation and now it’s something I may need to try more often. Get ready for a whirlwind of a day. These snowmobiling tours with Wasatch Excursions are a...

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